Ep. 206- Total Recall: Dean Hammond, A Collaboration with Southampton Dellivery Podcast

Episode Description

Show Timeline:

Intro Music- 00:00

Intro- 00:55

Saints Archive Hall of Fame- 6:18

Dean Hammond- 11:48

Sport as a Child- 13:21

Coming to Saints- 18:55

Captain- 21:04

Club Hierarchy- 23:29

Promotion to the Premier League- 28:53

Moving on, Dealing with Disappointment- 32:55

Playing in the Premier League- 46:53

Dean Hammond Elite Fitness and Fatherhood- 49:12

Listener Questions- 58:22

End Credits- 1:17:43

The Southampton Dellivery Podcast is proud to support the work of Kick It Out as they work to tackle racism and discrimination in the game we all love. See how you can get involved at kickitout.org. The holiday period is a busy time for people in English football. Managing training, matches, family, and your personal mental and physical health becomes even more difficult when the schedule bunches up around the holidays. Dan Hammond knows that, and that’s why we recorded this episode over a month ago. Between his role analyzing Saints matches for the Final Whistle, running Dean Hammond Elite Fitness, raising his kids, being a husband, commentating, and staying in shape, Dean is beyond busy and Leon and I were blessed to be able to sit down with him for over an hour to discuss his career at Saints, lifting a trophy at Wembley, making it to the Premier League, goal setting, answering your questions and more. A huge thank you also goes out to Will and Leon of Saints Archive. Their patience and passion really help episodes like this come together and it’s a pleasure to work with them! If you’d like to follow Dean on social media you can do so using the links below, and make sure to check out deanhammondelitefitness.com for more information on how to use the platform to help get the best out of yourself!


Dean Hammond- @dean-hammond

Dean Hammond Elite Fitness- @Dhammondelitefitness


Dean Hammond- @deanjhammond

Dean Hammond Elite Fitness- @deanhammondelitefitness



With that said, I hope you enjoy the show. Please let us know who else you would like to hear from in the future, and, most importantly, thanks for listening!


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All music in this episode comes courtesy of the Free Music Archive at freemusicarchive.org.

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