Ep. 190- It Starts (Again), with Lucy Highnett

  • Show Timeline:
    • Intro- 00:55
    • Lucy Highnett- 2:50
    • England- 5:45
    • China and the Premier League- 20:26
    • Transfers- 36:41
    • FPL- 50:28
    • Listener Questions- 56:29
    • End Credits- 1:11:13
    Lucy Highnett (@lucyhighnett on Twitter) joined me on Sunday to help get me (and you) ready for the fast-approaching 2020/2021 Premier League season. From JWP’s penalty spot groundskeeping in Reykjavík to shirt sponsors, TV deals, and transfers, Lucy and I discuss the ongoings, and the hopeful outgoings, of everything around the team. I also admit some pretty embarrassing things and insult Burnley midfielders (that one is for you, Dan), all because we were having a good time. I always enjoy having Lucy on the show and I look forward to having her back on when the season gets underway. Also, I know there will be people who, after listening to this episode, say “you don’t know anything about this team either.” Fair play to all of you in advance. Also, I really do love this team. Lastly, I also appeared on the In That Number podcast this week, if you need some extra Saints FC chat in your life. You get subscribe on Apple Podcasts or listen on Spotify below.

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