SDP Ep. 188- Total Recall, Recalled – Jim McCalliog

Ep. 220- A Completely Normal Range of Emptions, with FC Not Alone, Dave Champ and St. Mary's Statbase Southampton Dellivery

Show Timeline: Pre-Show Announcement- 0:00 Intro Music- 5:34 Intro- 6:29 FC Not Alone- 9:26 Dave Champ, Burnley- 32:49 St. Mary’s Statbase- 48:01 End Credits: 1:18:34 The Southampton Dellivery Podcast is proud to support the work of Kick It Out as they work to tackle racism and discrimination in the game we all love. See how you can get involved at Football touches so many aspects of so many people around the world. It strengthens our connections with our friends and family, it divides cities and separates countries. It can both pull us out of and drive us into depression, and it can embody the best and worst of humanity. Football can be a force for good. This week we spoke with FC Not Alone co-founder Matt Legg about his mental health, starting FC Not Alone and working to help young men better address and care for their mental health through football. Dave Champ deserves special thanks for helping to set this interview up. Follow FC Not Alone on Instagram – Twitter – and visit their website ( to get the latest articles and to find out more about how to get involved. They have been supported by CALM since the beginning, which you can find on Twitter here. Their website is here. Dave stayed on the line after Matt exited and we discussed the Burnley match for a short while You can follow Dave on Instagram here. Lastly, I was joined by Stephen of St. Mary’s Statbase on Instagram to discuss the success and focus of the page, including interviewing members of the women’s team. We also discuss the Burnley match further. It was an episode with a full range of emotions. Something we are all familiar with as Saints Fans. Thanks for everything! CONTACT Twitter (@SFCDell_ivery)- Instagram (@sfcdell_ivery)- Facebook ( Email- CREDITS and PARTNERS: OUR PARTNERS Southampton Page- on Twitter. Saints Archive- Twitter, Instagram, Facebook, LOGO- Matt Beling of the wearesouthampton page on Instagram. MUSIC:  All music in this episode comes courtesy of the Free Music Archive at  I
  1. Ep. 220- A Completely Normal Range of Emptions, with FC Not Alone, Dave Champ and St. Mary's Statbase
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  4. Ep. 217- Dunk'd On, with Saints News and Views
  5. Ep. 216- Tella Time, with Jake Hughes of St. Mary's Musings

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