TSP 118 – Neil Heaney

“How many? How many?”……..*wallop*!!

Yes, Neil Heaney was only at Southampton FC for a fairly short period, but he still made quite an impact – not least on Spurs’ full-back, Dean Austin!

Indeed TSP Host, Ben Stanfield, still rates Neil as one of the players he most enjoyed watching during the mid-90s.

Having started life at Arsenal, under the stewardship of George Graham, Neil moved to The Dell in 1994, after Alan Ball had made his move.

TSP118 sees him talk about his journey from Highbury to the South Coast, the impact Bally had on his career, playing alongside the likes of Matt Le Tissier & Ronnie Ekelund, serving up some well-deserved revenge on Spurs and more!

It’s yet another interesting Total Recall from TSP, your dedicated weekly podcast going to the heart of all things SaintsFC!

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