‘Origins’ – New Hospitality Suite for St Mary’s

NEWS: This evening myself and Leon were kindly invited once again back to the club. And what we are about to announce will i’m sure be great news to many of you.

The club will be creating a feature wall within a new hospitality lounge that contains artefacts and stories of Southampton Football Club. These elements will need to be focused around the first 20 years of the clubs existence from 1885 up until 1905.

The suite will not only be a main feature for match-day hospitality but also be part of the stadium tour. This is a big step towards further projects based around the clubs history and we are proud to be a part of it.

Now, how can the archive and its members help?

Do you own anything of the items below, from the clubs history between the dates of 1885 and 1905?

Would you be willing to loan to the club, where you will be given full credit as the lender?

All items that are chosen will be held securely within the library wall of the new hospitality suite.

– Photos (Originals if available)

– Books (within library section of the feature wall)

– Model boat (based on the SS Danube that sailed the team to Argentina)

– Actual Trophies

– Actual medals

– SFC shirt and red sash display

– Church details

– Early club crest

We have a very short window and will be meeting the club again with our findings from this post next Thursday (16th May) – Please use the comments section below if you have anything of interest between 1885 and 1905 you would be happy to have displayed.

Designs of the suite to follow v.soon so stay tuned.

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